I received this Omega Century from a repeat customer in the south west of England.  Although I’m based in Somerset, I receive watches from various countries and from different counties in the UK.  It’s in such fantastic condition that it seems worth showing here.

The case is as sharp as they come and for a watch that’s nearly sixty years old, the condition is exceptional.  This picture is as received.

Omega century cal 269 front

After service and the movement can also be seen to be in terrific condition with virtually unmarked screw heads and no real traces of damage or corrosion.  Serial number is obscured here.

Omega century cal 269 movement

During the service review, after strip down and cleaning, the pivots can be seen to be virtually unmarked and are still as smooth and polished as when this watch left the factory in Switzerland.  An example is shown below with the pivots indicated by the arrows.  Most watches of this era have worn pivots, generally due to neglect, and this condition is only usually seen after polishing of the pivots or replacing parts.

Omega century cal 269 typical wheel pivot

A couple of pictures during re-assembly showing an almost perfect hairspring.  Again, watches of this age will often show misshaped hairsprings due to careless handling or impact damage.  This can usually be resolved but it all takes time so seeing a hairspring like this is always welcome.

Omega century cal 269 shock protection and hairspring shape

Looking in from the left in the picture above and, after a small adjustment, the hairspring is easily centered in the regulator pins which will give the best running. This is a typical adjustment but this particular example was almost spot on without any tweaking.

Omega century cal 269 hairspring in regulator pins

And, as usual, the watch is tested in six positions and adjusted to give the best running on the wrist.

For this “non chronometer” specified watch, the fastest position just after build is dial down (CB) and shows a gain of 6.1 seconds/day.

Omega century cal 269 fastest position

The small images at the lower of that graph give an indication of the other five positions and the slowest shows a loss of 6.8 seconds/day giving a total variation of under 13 seconds per day.

Omega century cal 269 slowest position

This is an excellent result for a watch of this age and is testament to the original build quality.  It has been a pleasure to work on a watch without issues and that’s why it’s featured here.


  1. Mitchell A. Adler

    How much are you asking for this watch? Will there be tariffs/VAT/etc. if bought by me in the US?

    • Hello Mitchell.

      Thanks for the interest but, I’m not selling this watch. It is a watch owned by one of my customers. Usually, tariffs are very small if I send to USA but, I believe it is related to which state you live in.

      Best wishes, Chris

      • Mitchell A. Adler

        Do you have anything comparable? I’m very interested in this calibre. Can you contact me privately via my email address?

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