This is the website for Chris Nicholas – I’m a watchmaker based in Somerset who services and repairs wristwatches from both the vintage and modern eras.  I also work on Smiths car clocks from the 1960s as these interest me.

I worked on watches for some years as a hobby and after spending nearly four decades working in the aircraft industry rising to Chief Engineer, in 2016 I decided to change my career and become a watchmaker full time.

I now have watchmaking clients in different countries and offer a personal service leaning on my previous profession to ensure continuous improvement of skills.  I’ve attended courses at a recognised establishment in UK who awarded me a prize for the standard of my work.

I provide a full service document for each watch showing the received condition, details of the work, performance and final result. Examples may be found by clicking on any of the watch links in the slideshow or following the links in the navigation menus.

Chris Nicholas

cjnwatch watchmaker at bench with movement