I am not taking on any new customers for the foreseeable future as I have decided to transition to retirement.  If you’re local to me in Somerset and need help, I will help if I can so, you’re welcome to contact me.  I am rejecting most work but will try and advise someone who could perform the work if I can’t.

I’m located in Somerset, UK but receive watches from many countries.

I don’t offer a fixed price list or booking form as prefer to discuss any requirements with my clients. If you are interested in me working on your watch or just have a general question, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the form below.

In general, when contacting me through this on-line contact form, please do not include any personal details such as addresses and telephone numbers. These should be included with the first package that you send me as a hard copy and I will transfer to my system and destroy that hard copy. Please do not contact me through my personal Gmail and other systems, only through the mail associated with my website.

Regards, Chris

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