This page shows some watch service documents also available through the menus or the slideshow on the homepage.


An Omega Speedmaster calibre 1861 which is very similar to a calibre 861.  This document is more detailed and is shown in web pages rather than an acrobat file.

Photos are taken of the overall watch condition.

A Webster mono-pusher chronograph pocket watch with a Minerva 19/9CH pillar wheel calibre inside. This is a 100 year old watch and interesting for me as I don’t work on many pocket watches so enjoyed reviewing the history and the hallmarks.

Chronograph watch service Minerva 19-9CH

An Omega calibre 350 bumper which had some unusual issues but is a very nice watch and I have a soft spot for the bumper movements in general.

Omega calibre 350 bumper watch service

A mid 1970s Omega De Ville with a calibre 1020. These don’t have the best reputation but when set up correctly, run very well.

Omega calibre 1020 watch service

A Rotary quartz watch. I don’t work on very many quartz watches and although this one received a new movement, it shows all the tests performed on a quartz calibre.

Rotary quartz watch service

A mid sixties Jaguar E-Type clock. These are an interesting clock being electro-mechanical and have an undeservedly poor reputation.

Smiths Jaguar E-Type clock service

An elegant mid sixties Omega calibre 562. These are very good watches with good performance and reliability.

Omega calibre 562 watch service

A Russian Poljot manual wind. I don’t do a lot of Russian watches but they have some interesting aspects.

Poljot watch service

A mid nineties Baume and Mercier with a DD2000 module – this shows the Dubois-Depraz module only.

Dubois Depraz chronograph module watch service

A beauty of a 1960s Omega Seamaster SM60 diver with calibre 565 which arrived in a bit of state but has come up very well. I like a 550 series watch as do most collectors.

Omega calibre 565 watch service

A very nice Omega Seamaster calibre 503. These are a nice watch with an interesting calibre.

Omega calibre 503 watch service

An Omega SM300 with calibre 552. These are top watches and one of the classic diver designs.

Omega calibre 552 watch service