Although the other pages on here show typical service documents, this watch is broken down into the various stages of the work and is all in web pages for ease of viewing.  It is the service of the following watch, an Omega Speedmaster with calibre 1861 from approximately 1997.

UK watchmaker showing service of Omega Speedmaster

Stage 1: Receipt.

Stage 2: Review showing checks of the cleanliness and performance.

Stage 3: Cleaning of parts and review of jewel and bush cleanliness.

Stage 4: Balance and hairspring review and adjustment.

Stage 5: Mainspring and barrel assembly.

Stage 6: Keyless works review and assembly.

Stage 7: Hour recorder and barrel support review and assembly.

Stage 8: Going train review and assembly.

Stage 9: Crown wheel and click review and assembly.

Stage 10: Escapement review and assembly.

Stage 11: Initial timing checks and adjustments.

Stage 12: Chronograph assembly, Part 1 – cams and operating lever.

Stage 13: Chronograph assembly, Part 2 – chronograph runners.

Stage 14: Chronograph assembly, Part 3 – chronograph brake and coupling yoke.

Stage 15: Chronograph assembly, Part 4 – chronograph hammers and hour recorder yoke.

Stage 16: Chronograph assembly, Part 5 – hour recorder controls and operating lever.

Stage 17: Chrono creep check plus dial and hands fitment.

Stage 18: Case/bracelet cleaning and check plus re-fitting of movement.