This page shows some aspects of watchmaking which are also available through the menus or the slideshow on the homepage. They are here for those interested in some of the details of the work involved.

Improving performance of the watch in dial up and dial down conditions using pivot polishing as required. This is the first stage in setting the performance of the watch.

An explanation of improving the positional performance of a watch.

Resolving major damage to hairsprings.

Replacing a balance staff. This isn’t needed very often but is a useful skill to have.

Removal of dial lacquer and re-application. I don’t advise this as a process but sometimes, it’s the only way to improve an older watch.

Removal and replacement of dirty and stained luminous material on the hands of an older watch plus a little dial dot luminous material added to replace missing areas.

Bushing a worn bridge or plate where there is no existing bush. This is not often needed on modern calibres but is applicable to older watches.

Replacing chronograph pusher seals and water resistance testing.  Retaining vintage chronograph pushers is often desirable and this shows seal replacement to restore the water resistance of the watch.